Consulting and technology strategies

The current concerns of most C-Level executives are business strategy implementation evaluation and the required technology to deliver it, the alignment with international standards, the pressure to achieve results in limited timescales, the requirement for increased profitability and reduced costs and risks, among other factors.

When these factors are added to the dynamism, complexity and diversity of the technology industry, it becomes apparent that companies need a reliable and experienced senior Consultant, with a global vision and a sound wisdom of the cutting-edge technology, capable of understanding their business to add value.

MYVA´s Consulting and Architecture service provides comprehensive advice on ICT processes and technological solutions. It transforms business needs into proposals for special solutions that incorporate technological, financial and quality perspectives. It supports tactical and strategic decision-making for our customer's executives, whether these are new solutions or optimizing solutions currently in production.

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Due diligence and marketing insight:

Customer insight analysis along Latham region, benchmarking activities, elaborate O&M Documentation, project´s feasibility reports, Business case reports, P&L documents and financing audits, resource management outsourcing.


Contract Management (Formation and administration) and bidding support:

Support on bidding processes, legal advisory, equity capital, organization development, special events planning, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management.


On-site training programs:

In accordance with customer´s necessities, tailor made programs.

Systems design

Currently, companies and organizations require complex Technologies solutions, which are achieved through the integration of various systems, Brands, environments, hardware and software, in accordance with the needs of the business. Therefore, periodically they need to radically transform their business processes for various motives, such as meeting their customers evolving needs, upgrading their productive technology, complying with new standards, increasing productivity, achieving greater market share, or expediting long-term strategic goals.

MYVA Systems Integration service aims at providing solutions to complex projects through systems integration, which may include planning, design, implementation and management. This service resolves the specific needs of our customers through the appropriate use of Technology.

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FTTX Design and planning:

Last mile, Fiber optics Backhaul and rings.


End User Perimeter Security:

Firewall, IDS, Identity management, single sign on, access control.


Data Center:

Lighting design, Facilities design, DRP and business continuity.


Civil Engineering and Architecture:

Lighting design, rendering, IBS Solutions, CCTV and Video surveillance design, Structured cabling , DAS system.


IT and Cloud:

Cloud Virtualization design, storage Backup ( BAAS), IOT, Big data, server consolidation ( IAS), Software upgrades ( SAAS), multicloud, cloud for SAP Hana


Network Services:

Unified communications Design, VOIP design, email, access network, Routing and switching. DNS domain and file transfer.



Outdoor design, Microwave and lamp site design, WCDMA, GSM, SDH, PDH, LTE, 5G, IMS, SDN.

Process and technology audits

MYVA is able to provide a diagnostic service to identify the technological foundation upon which the customers can develop their end user services, which includes performance analysis, configuration analysis and scanner technology, facilitating the alignment between the business strategy and the continuous improvement inertia from customer´s organization. The Audits services are classified in 3 types:

  • Functional Improvement: where a customer already has a technological base but wishes to further automate his services.
  • Data Improvement: where a customer wishes to stabilize information and apply evolutionary maintenance over time.
  • Technological development: where a customer wishes to update existing company technology or identify the best technological solution to meet the demands of the market.

Once the optimal solution has been identified, MYVA is responsible for implementing the solution, thus providing an optimum integrated service.

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Software Upgrades and APP Developments:

Full stack services.


Systems assessments and site survey´s:

For indoor and outdoor sites. Diagnosis for installed based technology.


Processes enhancement:

Project management, Root cause analysis by different tools such as paretho`s and SIPOC diagrams, Poka joke, six sigma, ITIL.