Terms and conditions


    The terms of use set forth herein (hereinafter  TERMS OF USE) comprise an agreement between MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES MEXICO (hereinafter MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES) and any user of the SITE, whose web address is: HTTP://myvaengineeringservices/(hereinafter the SITE).

    Any person who uses the SITE will be a USER (hereinafter the USER) and this implies the full and unconditional observance of these TERMS OF USE. Therefore, USERS must read and carefully evaluate them in advance to ensure that they are aware that they are bound by them and any amendments each and every time they access the SITE.

    If at any time the USERS do not agree fully or partially with these TERMS OF USE, they must immediately abstain from using the SITE in any of its parts or sections.

    The USER agrees that in diverse parts of the SITE there may be special stipulations that, as applicable, will substitute, complement and/or modify the TERMS OF USE (hereinafter PARTICULAR CONDITIONS), and, therefore, the USERS must also read them beforehand in each case and if they do not fully or partially agree with it or them, they must abstain from using the part or the section of the SITE regulated under this or these PARTICULAR CONDITION or CONDITIONS. If the USERS use part of the SITE regulated by one or more PARTICULAR CONDITIONS, it will be understood that they agree to be bound fully and unconditionally by them.

  • Access and use of the site

    Access to and use of the site by MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES free of charge for USERS.

    USERS will register on or sign up to the SITE, only when specifically required to do so.


    Through the SITE, MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES supplies to USERS access to diverse information provided by MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES or by persons directly or indirectly linked to such information (hereinafter the CONTENT).

    USERS acknowledge that use of the SITE does not give them any property rights to the site, any of its components or CONTENT.

    MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the presentation, configuration, information, CONTENT and, in general, any part or aspect related directly or indirectly to the SITE.


    Obligation to use the site and the content appropriately
    The USER undertakes to use the SITE and the CONTENT in accordance with the applicable laws and the provisions of these TERMS OF USE and in observance of public order. The USER undertakes to use the SITE and any CONTENT or aspect related to the same, in a manner that does not harm the rights and interests of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES, individuals linked directly or indirectly to the same, or of third parties. The USER will use SITE and/or the CONTENT in a manner that does not totally or partially harm, render unusable, damage or diminish it in any way.  

  • Means for obtaining content

    The USER will abstain from obtaining or attempting to obtain information messages, graphics, drawings, audio and/or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any type of material accessible through the SITE or the CONTENT.

    USERS can use the CONTENT and the elements found on the SITE but must only employ for this purpose the media and procedures specified and indicated therein.

    El MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES declara que todos los CONTENIDOS y los elementos utilizados en el SITIO se encuentran debidamente registrados y protegidos bajo las autoridades y leyes correspondientes en México.

    El USUARIO se obliga a respetar todos los derechos de la Propiedad Intelectual sobre los CONTENIDOS y los elementos utilizados en el SITIO de los que es titular el MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES.

    Utilización del sitio, de los contenidos y de los contenidos bajo la exclusiva responsabilidad del usuario.

    Por el sólo hecho de acceder al SITIO, el USUARIO reconoce y acepta que el uso del mismo y de los CONTENIDOS, es bajo su exclusiva y estricta responsabilidad, por lo que el MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES no será en ningún momento y bajo ninguna circunstancia, responsable por cualquier desperfecto o problema que se presentara en el equipo de cómputo (hardware) o programas de cómputo (software) que utilice el USUARIO para acceder o navegar en cualquier parte del SITIO.

  • Appropriate use of the content

    USERS undertake to use the CONTENT and the elements used on the SITE in a diligent, appropriate and legal fashion, and in particular, undertake to abstain from: (a) using the CONTENT in a manner or for ends or purposes that are contrary to the law, public order and the provisions of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES for the use of this SITE; (b) copying, disseminating, modifying, reproducing, distributing or using in any way for or not for profit the CONTENT and the elements used on the SITE, unless they have the express, written authorization of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES; (c) altering or manipulating the brands, logotypes, advertisements, trade names and distinctive signs in general of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES, of the SITE or of the people linked directly or indirectly to  MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES (unless they have its written authorization); (d) removing, circumventing or altering the CONTENT and the elements used on the SITE, as well as the technical protection devices or any mechanism or procedure established on the SITE.


    MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES declares that all the CONTENT and the elements used on the SITE are duly registered and protected under the corresponding authorities and laws in Mexico. The USER undertakes to respect all the Intellectual Property rights of the CONTENT and the elements used on the SITE of which MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES is the owner.De la misma forma cualquier sitio y/o subsitio en Internet, ajeno al SITIO, puede tener una liga (vínculo, hipervínculo, "link") al SITIO o CONTENIDOS con o sin autorización del MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES.

    Por lo que el MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES no es responsable del origen, los usos y destinos de dichos vínculos. De la misma manera, el responsable de los sitios y/o subsitios que mencionan o manejan un vínculo al SITIO y/o los CONTENIDOS, no está necesariamente autorizado para manejar dichos vínculos, ni para promover al MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES, el SITIO o los CONTENIDOS.

    El MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES no asume ninguna responsabilidad de dichos sitios, ni de sus contenidos ajenos al SITIO, ni acepta cargo alguno por publicidad, a menos que se cuente con un contrato previamente firmado por las partes.

  • Warranty and Disclaimer

    Warranty and Disclaimer for the functioning of the SITE and the CONTENT, viruses and other harmful elements. MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES does not control and does not guarantee the absence of viruses in the CONTENT, nor the absence of other elements in the CONTENT that could result in alterations in the USER’s computer system (software and/or hardware) or the electronic documents and files stored on such informatics system.

  • Sites and content other than the SITE and the CONTENT

    As a private, nonprofit, independent institution without any political or religious affiliations, MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES does not permit the publication of any content that contravenes this nature and reserves the right to agree to publish or suggest sites, subsites or material that do not belong to the SITE and MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES that it considers to be of interest to the USERS. If so, MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES is not responsible in any form or manner for such sites and materials, or for access to or use by the USER of the same. In addition, any site and/or subsite on the Internet, other than the SITE, can have a link or hyperlink to the SITE or CONTENT with or without the authorization of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES. MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES is not responsible for the origin, uses and destinations of such links. In the same way, the person responsible for the sites and/or subsites that mention or manage a link to the SITE and/or CONTENT, is not necessarily authorized to manage such links or to promote MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES, the SITE or the CONTENT. MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES does not assume any responsibility for such sites or their content other than the SITE, nor accept any advertising charges, unless it has a contract previously signed by the parties.

  • Denial and withdrawal of access to the site and/or content

    MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the SITE and/or CONTENT at any time and without prior notice, on its own initiative or at the request of any person to any USER for any reason, including, but not limited to, USERS who misuse the SITE, any of its parts or sections or CONTENT, or who totally or partially fail to fulfill these TERMS OF USE or any resulting PARTICULAR CONDITIONS.El USUARIO se obliga a proporcionar DATOS PERSONALES verdaderos y fidedignos, y en caso de que deseara no darlos en las partes del SITIO que se soliciten, deberá abstenerse de usar esa o esas partes o secciones del SITIO. En caso de que el USUARIO diera información falsa o confusa, el MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES podrá negarle el acceso al SITIO y los CONTENIDOS dentro de él, sin perjuicio de que pueda requerirle las indemnizaciones a que hubiere lugar.

    Por el hecho de proporcionar sus DATOS PERSONALES en el SITIO, el USUARIO está autorizando a EL MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES a dar a conocer a cualquier autoridad competente la información respectiva, en caso de que ésta sea solicitada por los medios jurídicos adecuados. El MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES no compartirá información personal alguna que haya sido proporcionada, con terceras personas, a menos que sea requerido para proporcionar un servicio o un producto requerido por el USUARIO.


    MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES authorizes the USER to use the SITE exclusively under the TERMS and CONDITIONS expressed herein, without any implication that this gives the USER any license or authorization or any type of right other than the use mentioned beforehand regarding the "Intellectual Property" of MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES. “Intellectual Property” is understood to mean all the brands registered and/or used in Mexico or abroad by MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES, as well as full rights over inventions (patented or not), industrial designs, utility models, confidential information, brand names, advertisements, reserved rights, domain names, and all types of patrimonial rights over works and creations protected by copyright and all other forms of industrial or intellectual property acknowledged or to be acknowledged in the corresponding laws.


    Form. The USER agrees that a printed version of these TERMS and CONDITIONS, and of any communication sent and/or received in electronic form will be admissible as a means of proof in any legal and/or administrative proceedings.

    Governing law and jurisdiction. Regarding the interpretation and compliance with the provisions set forth herein, the USERS, by the very fact of accessing the SITE, agree to be subject to the governing laws and the jurisdiction of the competent courts in Mexico, renouncing any other jurisdiction that for reasons of its present or future address or for any other reason might correspond to them.
    Ineffective provisions
    If any of the TERMS and CONDITIONS set forth herein are found to be unenforceable or declared to be null and void in accordance with the applicable legislation, it will be replaced by a term or condition that is valid and that can fulfill with greater rigor the objective of the provision that is unenforceable or has been declared to be null and void. All other terms and conditions will continue to be valid.


    Any right that has not been expressly conferred in this document will be understood as reserved to MYVA ENGINEERING SERVICES.